Every home and every customer cleaning need will vary from one client the other. We customize our cleaning prices, also according to each home services requested. Our goal is that our services suit each individual costumer necessity. if you’re requesting our cleaning services for the first time, If you need of a deep cleaning or a Top to Bottom cleaning Service, if your home need a One-time cleaning, or if your home has not get any professional cleaning service it’s possible that we will charge your cleaning by the hour.

This is the idea how much we charge for the first time cleaning visit.

One maid: $40 per hour

* Two maids:* $90.00 per (*IF Just one hour cleaning requested)

* Two maids: $80.00 (Cleaning requested for more than one hour and a half of work.)

*Three maids: $120.00 per hour (*One hour of cleaning requested)

* Three maids: $120.00 per hour (*if cleaning is requested for more than hour of cleaning)

* Four maids: $130 per hour. (*$140.00 just one hour of cleaning request)

for a regular cleaning services, we will quote each costumer according to their individual home need, which will have a variety of factors that we will take in consideration, such as size of the house, home condition and level of clutter, number of rooms and baths to be cleaned, number of people and pets in the house, number of beds to change sheets and to be made, and how often client need our cleaning services in a regular basis. Consequently, most of new costumers, clients who request our services once in a while, move out and move in cleanings, one time cleaning and after construction cleaning will mostly be charged hourly .the first cleaning is usually require a deep cleaning service which will take more time and especial attention for details. It will be hard to us estimating how long will take to clean your home, so we will be definitely charging this job by the hour. The first cleaning is charged mostly by the hour because the prior condition of the home is unknown to our staff. When a client decides to be part of our schedule for the whole year, with ongoing cleaning we will give a set price. We usually can let you know how much will cost your cleaning after the first time cleaning.

*Regular customers get a quote and customized price.

*New customers and clients who call us once a while will be charged hourly.

*Appointments have a minimum of 2 hours required. Otherwise will be charge as a minimum cleaning fee rate. ($90.00 per one hour / 2 maids working)
Ongoing/ regular cleaning:

This is for our ongoing clients who receive a set price. This includes: Vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, dusting, kitchen, bathrooms, and light organizing. Any extra services are subject to an extra charge. For regular cleaning, ovens and refrigerators are not included. ($20 for ovens, $25 for refrigerator)

Deep cleaning/first time cleaning:

The first time cleaning is called deep cleaning or top to bottom cleaning. This special deep cleaning includes windows sills (Inside), ceiling fans, cabinets (outside), deep cleaning in the baths, removing cobwebs, cleaning baseboards, dusting all furniture and surfaces, vacuuming and mopping all floors . We charge by hour to help us guarantee the best job for our clients. Our maids work quickly and efficiently to produce great results. For move out cleanings, the house should be empty with no furniture. We are not responsible for moving any furniture heavy furniture that may still be in the house.

Deep cleaning Deluxe :

Includes adding cleaning the ovens inside, refrigerator( inside/outside), windows (Inside/outside), plus all the all the surfaces was mentioned above.

Move out /move in cleanings:

Move out cleaning includes cleaning the ovens inside, refrigerator, windows (Inside/Outside), ceiling fans, cabinets (inside/outside), and regular cleaning services. We charge by hour since is hard to know how long we will all be finished with the job. The move out cleaning usually takes longer than any other regular or deep cleaning. to help us guarantee the best job for our clients please be sure that the house is prepared for the move out. House should be empty of furniture, trash and any other objects that might interrupt the quality services of our maids For move out cleanings, we are not responsible for moving any furniture that may still be in the home the house should be empty.

Extra charges:

Extra services include:
Making Laundry
Folding laundry
Cleaning garages
Cleaning litter box
Major home organizing,
Packing /unpacking help and etc.

These services can be made available by request for an extra fee. Please express your individual needs to help us give you a more accurate estimated price.

*home organizing: We offer closet organizing, wash/fold clothing, kitchen organizing, and organizing cluttered rooms.

Note: This job are performed at a different day than regular cleaning so please schedule it ahead of time. It is also charged by the hour. ($40 per worker, per hour)

Our primary focus is to professionally clean your home. If organizing is your primary concern, and then cleaning, please let us know ahead of time so we can plan according.

Also the rates for home organizing might be different from the cleaning service rates. Please call to discuss your home needs with as much details as possible in order for us to best meet your needs. Please mention your primary areas of concern and your goals.

Note: Our goal after cleaning your home is to bring the best result of satisfaction. However, if a home hasn't been cleaned in a long time, it will take us a few times to restore the sparkle in such home. Therefore, please be aware and such might occur, and we will do our best to restore such home as fast as we can.

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