Our Professional maid service works with a variety of pricing for homes and costumers with different sizes and different house structures. However, every customer cleaning price might vary from one costumer to the other. We try to customize our cleaning prices accordingly to each house size and need. Our first visit cleaning for deep cleaning, one time cleaning, once in a while cleaning, post construction cleaning, move out/move in cleaning, spring cleaning will be charge hourly. Once you become regular costumer we will charge you, as a regular cleaning costumer price will go down.
This is the idea how much we charge for the first time cleaning visit.

*$40.00 per hour. price for just *One maid ( for this price we request more than 2 hours of work, otherwise we have to discuss price. we do not offer just one hour for one cleaner)
* $90.00 per hour *two maids (If job takes just one hour of cleaning) this is our minimum for an hour of work. Driving to your home to serve you

* $75.00 for *two maids (This price is only $75 per hour, if job takes more than 2 hours of work)

* $125 for *two maids (for cleaning job that takes 1.5 hour of work)

New costumers/Returning Costumers

Our new costumers, returning clients , clients who request our services once in a while, move out and move in cleanings, one time cleaning , after construction cleaning, post party cleaning will mostly be charged hourly .the reason for that is that our first cleaning usually requires deep cleaning . Our cleaners need to dedicate more time and extra attention for that particular cleaning. Sometimes it’s hard for us estimating how long time will take us to clean. However, the best way to quote is by the hour rate. I we have had the chance to visit your place and quote your place before ahead.

Our minimum cleaning fee rate ($90.00 per one hour / 2 maids working)

Ongoing/ regular cleaning:

Our regular/standard cleaning services are considered the cleaning right after the initial deep cleaning. It is also called maintenance cleaning since we usually perform every cleaning in a week basis, or biweekly. The cleaning will be considered lighter than the first time cleaning. It includes:
Vacuuming the floors, and vacuuming carpet, sweeping floors, mopping floors, dusting all furniture, kitchen countertops, microwave inside, cabinets outside, mopping and vacuuming floor kitchen, cleaning bathrooms. Sometimes it takes time to restore the sparkle in such home. Therefore, please be aware and such might occur, and we will do our best to restore such home as fast as we can.

Deep cleaning

Deep cleaning includes windows, windows sills (from Inside), ceiling fans, cabinets (outside), deep cleaning in the baths, removing cobwebs, cleaning baseboards, dusting all furniture and surfaces, vacuuming and mopping all floors . We charge hourly since we don’t know how long will take to finish. We also can include cleaning inside your oven and refrigerator but this is upon costumer request and we will add a fee for these extra services, if you are in the neighborhood we can visit for a in home estimate. Our professional cleaners work quickly and efficiently to produce great and best cleaning services results. Call us today to schedule your deep cleaning.

Move out /move in cleanings:

Move out cleaning includes cleaning the ovens inside, refrigerator inside and out, windows (Inside), ceiling fans, cabinets (inside/outside), plus the other regular cleaning tasks. We charge hourly for most of the time. The move out cleaning usually takes longer than any other regular or deep cleaning please be aware of that. To help us guarantee the best job quality for our clients, we ask costumers to please be sure that the house is prepared for the move out cleaning. The house should be empty of furniture, leave us paper towels and trash bags we require these 2 items, move all stuff and other objects or furniture that might interrupt the quality and time for the service. Our cleaning staff will be only concentrated in performing the cleaning .We are not responsible for moving any furniture that may still be in the way, unless we have agreed on the it so. The house should be totally empty otherwise.

Extra charges:

Cleaning refrigerator inside
Cleaning oven inside
Folding laundry
Garage cleaning
Major organization in the home
Cleaning litter box
Packing and unpacking

These services can be made available by request for an extra fee. Please express your individual needs to help us give you a more accurate estimated price.
*Home organizing: We offer closet organizing, wash/fold clothing, kitchen organizing, and organizing cluttered rooms.
Note: This job is performed at a different day than regular cleaning so please schedule it ahead of time. It is also charged by the hour. ($40 per worker, per hour)
Our primary focus is to professionally clean your home. If organizing is your primary concern than cleaning, please let us know ahead of time so we can plan ahead for better serve you.
Note: Our Maryland professional maid service has the goal to bring you the feeling of a home fresh, spic and span. We thrive to deliver you with the best result in cleaning satisfaction. However, if the home hasn’t been taking care of or neglected in a while,
You might need to understand that will take time to restore the sparkle in your home. The best advice is to continue to have your cleaning in a regular basis for best results.

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