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FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

Q: Why should I choose Luciana cleaning service?

A: LCS has been providing home/office services for over 12 years. We are a small business who values each client and makes sure that our client’s gets 100% satisfaction. We pride ourselves in the quality of our work and will ensure that you are happy with the job.

Q: Are we insured and bonded?

A: Yes, Luciana Cleaning Service is insured and bonded for the protection of your property.

Q: What happens if one of Luciana’s maids has an accident in my home?

A: It will be reported immediately to the owner and immediate action will be taken to insure that we solve the problem.

Q: Do I have to be home when you clean?

A: You are more than welcome to be in your home especially during the first cleaning. However we understand everybody is busy working so we will be happy to lock your door after we leave. In order to make it easier access to the home when clients is absent clients typically leave keys with us out place in a lockbox outside the house . These keys are kept in a secure location in our office.

Q: Do you bring the cleaning supplies and equipment?

A: Yes you! We bring everything needed to leave your home fresh and clean. However if want us to use your product is safe and client takes responsibility about what we are using.

Q: How do I pay you?

A: Payment is due in full at or before each appointment (by check or cash). Please leave payments on the kitchen table or counter tops. We ask that cash payments be put in a sealed envelope with the clients’ name and the date clearly marked on the front. If a payment is forgotten, you will be contacted by Luciana Cleaning services in order to make other payments arrangements.

Q: Any references?

A: References will be gladly given to you by request. We are happy to provide if needed. please also check our reviews on Angie’s list, yelp and google.

Q: Will you send the same team each cleaning?

A: We try to accommodate you with a set team of maids the same crew as much as we can.. But we cannot guarantee that you will have the same team 100% of the time. But rest assured that the quality of the cleaning will not change.

Q: What should I do before the maids arrive?

A: costumers have to make sure the house is prepared for our maids to clean. We expect toys picked up, clothing over the house, pet’s wastes, no dishes on sink, etc. We want to take advantage of our time and focus on the cleaning itself. Please have papers towels, trash bags, and clean sponges for the cleaning. As well, clean sheets on top of the beds if we agreed to change the sheets for you.

Q: Does Luciana guarantee a satisfactory service?

A: We are confident in our cleaning service. That is why we are 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If there is any issue with the cleaning please letting us know within 24 hours of your cleaning appointment. And we will be happy to fix. Please do not fix yourself. (We don’t give money back for job performed)

Q: Should I tip the maids?

A: Tipping our maid team is optional and welcomed. Our request is that tips may be given directly to the cleaners or added to your check. (Please add a memo on the check). By the End of the year monetary gifts are common and greatly appreciated for our regularly scheduled clients. Please give the tips and gifts directly in maid’s hands, Thank you! Luciana cleaning

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