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If you are looking for a job, full time and a long term relationship with the company you aremore than welcome to apply for work with us and make part of team maids who each day makesa difference in people lives. It’s very gratifying to know that we can bless many clients’ homes with our cleaning services skills. There is no such thing than make others families happy after agreat day of hard work.

We can train you to work with us if you don’t know how to clean, however we prefer if you have experience in the cleaning field. Join our amazing cleaners maid team we will be happy to have you. We offer a full time job and offer you great salary.

What are we expecting when hire you?

We are looking for someone able to drive from 3 to 4 clients a day, an energetic and able to work physically with your body. *(Cleaning houses demand to have lots of energy and be able to move and bend your body quickly, lift some items of the way, bend knee, and bend back. Please before you send out the application for us, make sure you are able to fit these requisites)* have a drive licenses, car available. A person who care about serving others, with their best cleaning skills, with a consistent quality cleaning, a responsible and trustworthy attitude, a lady who will take the job seriously. A honest person who identify yourself cleaning home and making a great number of families happy and pleased. We need references of the candidate.

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